Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Forget La Gioconda

the hierarchy of category
begins with alpha's breath

branches off the knowing tree
and tunnels through worm mold

the rose is the snail's end
a breathless line that connects
old Adam to the castaway

categories incarnate
as each initiate contributes
a thread to the maker's lace

so all the Vermeers wait
with frail facticity

to prove omega's line
ends with lace's last design


ladivncinecieca said...

I hope none turn blue holding their breath in anticipation.

thieone said...

can you breathe if it ends; will it hurt on that end? or will you always wonder whether she was enough--

Thieone said...

the painting or the opera? i wanted to ask yesterday.

Anonymous said...

I can never do justice to your words that you write, but just know that I love every single one.

BTW have you noticed that when you post a picture, it makes the words lie wrong or one word out of sequence? Or maybe you meant to do such. It's just that it happens with my posts allllllllllllllllll the time *sigh*