Wednesday, March 18, 2009


he writes a poem
she reads his poem
it is not his poem
it is another thing
her poem

she writes a poem
he reads her poem
it is not her poem
it is a new thing
his poem

they write
they read
the message is not their message
the bottle is not their bottle
it is a found thing
a new thing
the lost thing
the bottle

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Everyone writes, reads, hears,sees; deciphers things differently in Poetry. That's what I love so much. I always say I just want someone to take something from reading what I've written. Be it a raging wind, a scorching sun or even perhaps an echo from the wilderness. Hey? I actually don't know what I write half the time or where it comes from!
Your words ring very true though. Sometimes when you read something it no longer belongs to the writer but more to the reader.
I talk too much don't I?